Telenovela-world is changing...

Please be patient, and check back once a week or so, we will add status reports to this page as needed.

Thanks, Ben

Update #1
I will be traveling to the co location facility (200 miles) on December 10, and will shut down the telenovela-world server simetime in the afternoon.

Expect the server to be back online sometime early in the next week. Check back here for more updates.

Update #2
The server has been recovered from the co location facility and is now at my home. As soon as we have an agreement with a local facility, it will be brought back to life - please be patient.
And thanks for your patience and support. Ben

Update #3
The server is now installed at a co-location facility near where I live, so that I can go and touch it.
We have backed up the disk drive onto a USB backup device, so I can work on it with less concern of losing data.

So have a Merry Christmas (remember that is is not just about getting all the toys)
We hope to have a functioning forum site soon.

Update #4, Jan 3, 2016
The 'old' server has been moved from the San Jose co-location center to a facility in Redding, near where I live. We have gotten it properly installed, the internet addresses have been properly configured, and as of today, the forum is working. The old faithful are back, the spammers are back, and everything seems to be working.

Go to the forum here.

Thank you for being patient